From the stylish a la carte restaurant to the hearty scene bar – sheer diversity of pleasure.

St. Georg Stube

Our stylish à la carte restaurant “St. Georg’s Stube” is named after Saint Georg, the patron saint of Bleibach. The figure in the restaurant is a loan from the church parish and stood in our chapel for many years.

The murals from the saga of the Silberkönig are by the Bleibach artist Hans Schätzle. The room offers space for 50 people.

Fireplace Room

In the fireplace room you can enjoy a cosy evening by the wood fire, simply chatting with friends over a hearty fondue. Here there is also a 4-metre long copper image by a Hungarian artist, who has sculpted the saga of the Silberkönig in metal. The Bleibach artist Hans Schätzle has here also immortalised himself with a new picture from the saga.

In the fireplace room there is space for 15 guests.


The “Herrgottswinkel” – this was the place where the home altar was in the old farmhouses. In the evenings, the family sat in the sitting room by the tiled stove. You can sit in this cosy parlour in a typical Black Forest farm atmosphere and imagine those bygone times.

We invite you to enjoy our local specialities there. Up to 16 people.


Things are heaty in our “Bergwerk”, the rustic little scene bar for finishing off the evening. Regional - stylish with clay plaster, rustic furniture and ambience matching the theme.

Here there is space for 26 people.

Schwedi Stube

The name "Zum alten Schwedi" is from the saga, but the old codger really existed at the time when the saga was written.
A very bright room with a view of the terrace and into the valley. The Schwedi Stüble is our breakfast room, but is also suitable as a restaurant and for smaller celebrations.

Here there is space for up to 40 people.

Panorama Terrace

On our "panoramic terrace” with the setting of our mountains and the Elztal valley in the background, enjoy the unspoilt nature under the region’s warming sun. On the warm evenings we recommend to you the fascinating charms of our illuminated garden.

In fine weather, our terrace becomes a restaurant.

Here there is space for 37 people.